A Growth Marketer who walks the walk isn't a rare sight

Hire a Growth Marketer with a proven track record and 5 failed products under his belt. Get access to acquisition, retention, and referral strategies ready to implement.

Over $1 Million in Ad Spend. Grew 15+ startups.

You need someone who knows what it's like to be a Founder

I built my own EdTech startup fully bootstrapped, with product, marketing, and sales under my belt. After that, I launched 4 other projects. I know what it's like to get a product out there and scale it from the start.

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I always appreciate working with Diogo and interacting with him. More specifically, he's been helping me at Crowdclass whenever I need to discuss and dig further into growth and marketing-related subjects. We had several working and ideation sessions with him while Crowdclass was looking for a Product-Market fit. Diogo's insights and ideas helped us iterate further, unblock thoughts, challenge our views, and align our course of action.

Filipe, CEO & Founder @Crowdclass

Diogo is a very versatile professional, that solves problems with autonomy and velocity. He is a very straightforward and transparent person, that always has a creative viewpoint to add to any challenge. Communication with him is transparent, straightforward and overall effective (things I highly appreciate).In Networkme he helped install a strong culture of experimentation, and support us in improving and product/market discovery processes. I highly recommend working with Diogo if you are looking for a creative individual, that is going to introduce some well needed energy to revitalize your business! :)

Marcelo Manteigas, CTO & Founder & Networkme

And thinks in sustainable frameworks, not cheap tactics

You get what you paid for - and cheap tactics will give you mediocre growth. You want sustainable acquisition channels that feed growth loops built into your product.

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Diogo has helped us to clarify many issues about our growth and product strategy. Our market is complex, and I was skeptical about working with an external collaborator at the first moment, but Diogo worked really close to us, doing great hands-on work and being flexible to do whatever we need to achieve product results. 

Jair Junior (JJ), Founder @ gStudio

Get on a call or DM me to see if it's right for you.

With a track record of success

If the numbers don't show then your startup won't grow. If you don't see the results you want then we can part ways at any time. No contracts. no commitments.

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Diogo never exposes a problem without a possible solution and is always available to help. He has a wide knowledge in marketing (from analytics to growth hacking) and I learnt a lot with him. He is a very proactive person solving challenges with different tools and platforms.

Sofia Robalo, Marketing Manager @ Utrust

Most Common Objections

Do you know what you're talking about?

  • I'm just a stranger on the internet, but yes.
  • I've built my own bootstrapped startup.
  • And I've launched several other side projects.
  • I've also worked with multiple tech companies, from the early-stage to the I-have-so-many-users-my-servers-are-crashing-stage

I need a personalized strategy

  • And it will be delivered.
  • I work with each client individually, digging through data and user research notes to get the full picture.
  • We'll work together in identifying the best acquisition channels and improving product usage.

Your price is so low

  • I'm starting with a low price to test the waters.
  • I want to have only a handful of clients, so prices will increase as demand grows.

Clear scope. No surprises.

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      30-60 minute call per week
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      Analysis of Acquisition strategy
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      Analysis of NUX & Onboarding
    • ✓
      Analysis of Growth Loops
    • ✓
      Analysis of product data and user research notes
    • ✓
      USP Analysis & Improvements
    • ✗
      Positioning Analysis & Improvements
    • ✗
      Execution of Acquisition actions
    • ✗
      Execution of NUX & Onboarding improvements

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