From beta, to 100$ Million in Transactions, to acquisition by Elrond.

updated on 06 February 2023

Project executed together with

Utrust is a crypto payment gateway. Businesses can accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other currencies on their online stores or my sending invoices while paying 1% fees - much lower than traditional payment gateways. And consumers are able to turn profits from their crypto investments into real world goods.

The Problem

Web3: this new frontier is breaking the rules of the game - including the tried and true strategies. It demands new marketing strategies built on top of community and transparency.

When I joined the Utrust team, it had just left their Beta with a $21M ICO. Two years later, the major win was in: they were acquired by Elrond, a top #50 currency.

How I solved it

I executed the acquisition efforts. Social Media, Content, Paid Media, and Email Marketing were all part of the mix.

Organic Media

We followed a strict content calendar were one pillar content was published every week - an article - dealing with topics that interested our audience such as decentralization, cryptocurrency payments, and ecommerce trends.

This content was adapted depending on the channel:

  • Article on Medium
  • Twitter thread  
  • LinkedIn and Instagram carrousels
  • Link drop on our Telegram

With this strategy I was able to maximize reach.

Not only that, I ensured a daily schedule of content, taking on popular trends, republishing top performing content, and announcing news from the company such as new B2B clients (merchants). Newsletters were sent every 2 weeks with a roundup of the latest news, making sure our audience remained engaged and our brand top of mind.

Paid Media

Advertising in crypto isn't easy to pull off. But in the end, I managed to find a combo that works.

I followed a quick experimentation framework to validate winning channels. All of the major ad networks were put to the test and in the end, we found one that worked.

I targeted niche audiences and adapted the structure of the landing page to match the experience the user was looking for. If the user wanted a "crypto payment gateway", he would find a landing page which mentioned why Utrust was the best crypto gateway, what set it apart from others, and how to install it.

The outcome

It was a major project - with major wins.

Throughout this, the B2C crypto wallet HOLD joined the Utrust family. Soon after, it reached 100 Million USD in transaction volume. It was growing fast, and that got the attention of big players. In January 2022, it was acquired by Elrond - a blockchain network with a market cap of over 700 million dollars.

I'm an independent Growth Marketer with actual skin in the game. If you want to learn more, click here.