Take note of what you don’t like

Take note of what you don’t like

How do you find your passion?

Self-help gurus will have their (BS) answer to give you. If you buy their course, naturally. After you do, you'll be forever happy!

Well, I don't believe that. There must be some sort of system for this. And I think I found one.

You can have two states about everything you do: either you like it, or you don't.

That's it. Deep down, there's no "so-so". On average, you might feel like that about it. But if you break it down you'll end up with parts you like and parts you don't like. Your opinion is always in the extremes.

And what's important is that this provides us with insights on our preferences.

If you hate doing something, write that down. That's ultra-valuable information.

Make sure it's something that you constantly hate doing. Knowing what you don't like is like cutting off a series of paths in your journey. Finding out your likes is useful, but liking is ambiguous - disliking is concrete. We are much more sensitive to negative things than to positive ones (loss aversion).

And after you become aware of what you like and don't like, you must maximize the information you gather.

How? Easy! Do as much as possible. I'm not talking about working massive hours - I'm talking about variety. If you work on different projects, you'll get a wide variety of information on what you don't like to do!

You might find the hierarchy of megacorps soul-sucking. Or maybe the loneliness of being a freelance is unbearable to you. These dislikes will guide your path. From now on, you are better equipped to take future decisions.

Know how to distill information. Then maximize your information input.

See? You didn't even have to buy a self-help course. But maybe I should work on one...