Growth Marketing with Skin in the Game

How many marketers do you know that have actually started their own side projects? If you can’t recall many, that’s because they’re harder to find than a Irish pub in all of Greenland.

I’ve built and grown my own projects and I’ve deconstructed how others grew theirs. Read more about my findings or see how I can help you. 

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I’ve worked on great projects…

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UtrustB2B2C Fintech

While part of their Growth team, I helped them reach +$100M in transactions (2021). Left shortly before their acquisition by Elrond. 

Planned & executed the promotion of major announcements, launch of paid media campaigns, and social media strategy. I was closely involved in their B2B acquistion strategy. 

In early 2022 they were acquired by Elrond, a top 50 network with a ~4 billion USD market cap. 

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Aveleda WinesB2B

 Led their international brand expansion in 4 markets through Paid Media campaigns. 

Instead of relying on expensive sales teams, I’ve used a digital-first approach: use Google and Facebook ads to promote the wines and their several awards and promote online shopping. 

Not only did this boost brand awareness, it also facilitated B2B expansion in target markets. 


DTC Store (NDA Protected)B2C

From 0 to +82.000€ in revenue in just 2 years by leveraging Email Marketing and Paid Media. 

Even though my client was using a standard Woocommerce theme, through precise and personal communication my campaigns brought them great growth. 

Thanks to this, they’re now investing in a more powerful ecommerce store to grow even more. 

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