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Speedy Audios Logo

Speedy Audios


Transcribe audios from WhatsApp and Telegram.

Damn Good Marketer Logo

Damn Good Marketer


Essays on how to do better marketing.

☢️ Nuclear Shipping

Coming Soon

A public research on nuclear-powered commercial ships.

🈴 Dialeto

Coming Soon

Become conversationally fluent in a language.

Nomad Groups Logo

Nomad Groups


List of Digital Nomad Communities and Group Chats.

📅 Supercal


Meeting scheduler that respects your time and energy.

🌍 Asyncbook


Essays and guides on how to better work async.

🚀 Growth Tips

Shut Down

My learnings and insights on growing companies.

✍️ Copydocks

Shut Down

Unlimited copy for 999$/Month.

💶 Autofatura

Shut Down

Stripe to Portuguese Tax Authorities Connection. Read more.

🔍 Landing Audit

Shut Down

On-Demand Landing Page Conversion Audits.

🎓 Talentun

Shut Down

Mentorship platform between college students, companies, and professionals. Read more.